Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today is Steve's first day at his now job, and therefore it is the first day of my actually having a husband around in the evenings and on weekends. I cannot begin to put in words how elated I am about this. It's going to be so wonderful for our family! I can't wait to hear about his first day when he gets home tonight!

I have not been feeling very bloggy lately, so I think I'm going to take a break form here for awhile. Any time spent sitting at the computer seems like it could be better used doing other things, specifically sleeping. So, farewell for now!

I'll leave you with a picture of this handsome little devil, who is now the proud owner of six teeth!


Abbie said...

I will miss reading this!

david said...

Say what??

Mary Beth said...

I'll miss you Sarah! Get lots of rest and grow that baby.

Jen said...

Oh, that makes me sad, even if I totally support you and understand.

Come back every once in a while, okay? I love your pictures.

mom said...

Every day I eagerly check your and Abbie's blogs, hoping you have updated. I hope you get more energy and return to your blog soon!

Katie said...

Hey Sarah! Im back from my break! Sometimes a break is in order!:) Have fun on your break but don't be gone too long!!

I can't believe he already has 6 teeth!! They grow TOO fast!! Im totally jealous of your new cam BTW!! lol!!

email me when you get a chance. I wanna show you something.

Shawn said...

I'll miss reading your blog but I totally understand. I'm looking forward to meeting in feb. :) Noah is such a cutie!!

Allison said...

Noah is such a cutie. I'm glad Steve started his new job and will be home more with you.

Anonymous said...

Happy for your family that your husband will be home more with you.
Loved the picture of Noah he is so cute and growing up fast.
Miss hearing about Emma's sayings and things she does.
Hope you are feeling o.k. and not being sick anymore.

earthchick said...

:( Bummer! (though totally understandable)

I am JUST NOW reading your BIG news (I am so far behind in blogging and blog-reading that it's not even funny). Wow. Congratulations on your pregnancy *and* on Steve's new job. I hope you won't get as sick this time around.

I'll look forward to reading your blog whenever you get the time/energy back to update. Though with three little ones, who knows when that will be!!

Best to you and your family.

Mamaperreca said...

Are you done sleeping yet? I need a new Emma/Noah picture to look at! HA HA!