Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorry for the long absence; I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I am however, very excited that February, and hopefully the crummy weather that comes with it, will soon be long gone. Let's see...what have I got to report that's at least reasonably interesting?

~ Since Steve started his new job (and actually has time for things other than work), he's been busy with various home improvement projects. He's currently replacing all the doors in our house, which will be nice but, like all our other remodeling projects, is ending up being much more of a hassle than we anticipated. Once we got all the replacement doors in our house, we realized that they are a fraction of a millimeter too big. Steve loves any excuse to buy tools, so he went out and bought a table saw to cut all the doors down to the right size. I can see this being a very long and drawn-out project.

~ I'm still throwing up, which is annoying, and makes it difficult to eat any sort of healthy diet. Once I think of something to eat, then go to the trouble to make it and eat it, if I throw up afterwards I have no motivation to do it all over again. This means I end up eating a lot of root beer floats and other equally nutrient deficient items.

~ I think Noah has the prettiest bluest eyes I've ever seen.

~ I've given up trying to get Noah to nap by himself, and am trying to embrace it instead. I love reading fiction, but had mostly given it up as something for which I have no time. I decided that as long as I have to sit and hold him while he sleeps, I might as well do something I really enjoy. I've been finishing two or three books a week, just by reading them during Noah's naps, and I'm loving it. Right now I'm in the middle of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Good stuff.

~ Emma has two passions lately: playing games on the computer, and trying to sound out words. Steve showed her some kid games on the internet last week and now all she wants to do is play on the computer. When she is not playing computer games (or whining to do so), she is telling me which words start with which letters, and asking me to help her spell the rest of the word. About a million times a day, she will announce, "I know that P starts with potato!" or some such other phrase. She always says it backwards like that, and about half the time is completely incorrect, but that doesn't seem to hurt her confidence at all. "I know that M starts with fish!"

~ I bought a cookie scoop, and I love it. We've been making a lot of cookies because Emma loves to scoop out the dough into perfect little uniform mounds, and also because I love to eat cookies!

~ Earlier this week I was transferring files from the old computer to the new one, and I somehow managed to delete my music folder. It had taken me years of my life to accumulate over 2500 of the best songs ever written, and now they are all gone. I tried to transfer them from my ipod to the computer, but Apple has made that as difficult as possible, and while I managed to get them on the computer, all the song names are unintelligible four letter files, and that does me no good. So, goodbye music library. You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, it is so nice to hear from you again!

Jen said...

Noah does have beautiful blue eyes.

I was transferring files from one computer to another a few years ago and ended up deleting a couple years worth of photos. Now I make sure to regularly back them up onto DVDs.

And thanks for reminding me...I need to do that with my music!

amy h said...

Don't delete the four-letter files! If you open them up in iTunes, you should still be able to play them. (and I think the titles may restore themselves when you play them -- I can't remember) I had that happen once, too. I used iPodRip to get the files back, but I don't remember all the details of it. It was a pain, but the music was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Wow his eyes are very blue. I hope the throwing up ends soon. That cracks me up about Emma.


david said...

I would be devastated if I lost all of my painstakingly-accumulated music! Also, if you want any suggestions for fabulous books, I have many.

Nicki said...
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Nicki said...

Every time we replace a door it's a disaster-however I can't bring myself to pay the installation fee from the store!