Monday, February 11, 2008

Woo! We got all sorts of fun stuff this weekend!

Steve has been talking about getting a Playstation 3 for awhile, and I've been totally against it. We have a PS2, and he doesn't play it very often, but when he does he only plays games that are filled with violence and blood-spewing and I hate it. The thought of spending $400 on something that would only cause arguments pretty much made me ill. Knowing that his purchasing it was inevitable, a few weeks ago I started trying to talk him into getting a Wii instead. I know that there are plenty of family friendly games for Wii that he would be willing to play, and I even started getting excited about it. Plus, I heard somewhere that you can download old NES games and play them on a Wii! Dr. Mario, here I come! Anyway, during a trip to Best Buy on Saturday, we decided to get one. It wasn't quite that easy, though. We had no idea how hard those things are to find! Over the weekend we went to six different places trying to find one, with no luck. A guy at Target, however, told us they might be getting some in this week. I called this morning and was told they had some in stock, so I loaded up the kiddos and drove to Target. When I approached the electronics counter, I noticed that there was a lady ahead of me who happened to be purchasing a Wii. When she was finished with her purchase, I told the guy behind the counter what I wanted and he informed me he'd just sold the last one! The lady smiled and wished me luck, which she told me I'd need because she'd been trying for weeks to find a Wii. The employee told me that all Targets had gotten them in that morning, so I called another Target and was informed that they had some in stock. "But you better hurry," she warned me, "because we only have two left." Hurry, I did, and I got there in time to buy the last one! Yay! But seriously, why are those things so difficult to get? They've been out for over a year!

We actually went to Best Buy on Saturday to get some more memory for our ancient six-year-old computer, but while we were there we ended up buying a whole new computer instead. I'm pretty excited about that as well, although Steve doesn't want to set it up until we get a new desk. I don't want to wait for that, so I'm thinking I might just try to do it myself. I'm no good at that kind of stuff though, so we'll see.

One last fun purchase...I outgrew all my regular pants several weeks ago, and the maternity jeans I wore during my last pregnancy somehow morphed into high-waters. Because I'm way into being comfortable, and also to avoid Steve's jokes about my expecting a lot of rain, I've been living in yoga pants. I can only wear pants that come in Short sizes, and the only place that carries those locally is Gap Maternity. Yesterday Steve (claiming to be embarrassed to be seen with me anymore in any of my current pants) offered to drive us all the way up north to the only Gap Maternity in Kansas City, and watch the children while I tried on pants! Yay! I was happy to be able to leave the house today and not look like I was still wearing my pajamas.

I apologize to anyone who might be coming here looking for any sewing or knitting stuff. I have not been feeling very crafty lately, but tomorrow I will finally have something to share.


Abbie said...

Ohhh, I'm so jealous about the Wii! You can feel free to search for some for me!

Shawn said...

Congrats on your wii! Corey wants one and I wouldnt mind having one for the bowling :) Woo hoo on your new computer!! If you have any problems let us know, Corey is good with setting up computers etc. :)

david said...

If you get "Dancing with the Stars," I would be happy to challenge you.

amy h said...

My pants ALWAYS morph into highwaters. It is so annoying. I have started buying longs/talls to combat it, but then I have to live with pants dragging on the ground until they shrink up.

Tip with the Wii -- you don't have to wave your arms all over the place to get it to work. You can just move your wrist. It's fun to do the whole arm thing, but it can get tiring. :) I don't have a Wii, but I played my sister's.