Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter was good, although we ended up going to St. Louis without Steve because he was sick. He even actually stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday - the first sick days he has taken the entire time I've known him! The bunny above was a little Easter gift I made for my mom (from this Wee Wonderfuls pattern). I also planned to make one for each of my grandmas, but I didn't get any farther than cutting out the fabric for those and embroidering the date on the bottom. With my track record of finishing projects lately, I should have known I was being a little too ambitious. It would have been much more realistic if, instead of embroidering "Easter 2008" on the bottom, I'd put "Thanksgiving 2008"!

Emma got a pretty Easter dress from the Easter Bunny, but had to be persuaded to even try it on. Then, on the actual day of Easter, she refused to wear it because she said it was too fancy! I miss my little girly girl!

Last week we went to find out if this next baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Although I'd been trying as hard as I could not to care which one it was, I was really hoping for another girl. I was trying not to set myself up to be disappointed because I was pretty sure it was a boy. Turns out I was wrong, though, because it's a GIRL! Yay!

Most of Emma's oodles and oodles of baby clothes are stored in the basement, but I was excited to realize that since this baby will be born in the exact opposite season as Emma, I will still get to buy new little baby girl clothes! Today we hit up our first garage sale of the season and it was SO much fun picking out itty bitty clothes again! We got a bunch of stuff, but I kept reminding myself of the containers of girl clothes in the basement so I held back a bit. I am now wishing I hadn't saved all those clothes because I'd much rather be searching the garage sales for new clothes than just getting old stuff out of the basement. Ah well - we'll see if that stops me!

All afternoon Emma has been trying the little clothes on her dolls and stuffed animals and asking me to take pictures of them. And in case you're wondering about her, um, eyebrows, we went to Paradise Park today and she drew them on with the face crayons. We stopped at Target on the way home and she got some interesting looks.


Kathy said...

I burst out laughing when I saw Emma's eyebrows! And of course I smiled when I saw my charming bunny.

Shawn said...

Congrats, oh another little girl will be wonderful!!!! We were at cracker barrel a few weeks ago and a little old lady had eyebrows that matched emma's. I was so glad Bethany didn't notice because I'm sure she would have said something hehe We need to go garage sale shoppin together! :) Oh and I love your little bunny to cute.

Hamons said...

Bring on the pink! How exciting and how cute that Emma is enjoying playing with all the new 'doll' clothes.

Christina said...

CONGRATULATIONS on another girl! :) I agree...garage sales are the BEST! :) I love finding good deals on great stuff! LOVE THE EYEBROWS!! hehe

Allison said...

Yay for girls!
I like your bunny. I made one last year for Amy and stuck it back in her basket this Easter too. I like your eyes better than mine so I think I'll re-do the eyes.

Emma's dress is cute! Maybe she'll start liking dressed again. All my girls liked dresses than switched to no dresses and now Jaime has started wearing skirts and some dresses again.

Little baby clothes are so sweet. Have fun shopping at g-sales and your basement! ;-)