Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Before Christmas, I saw this blog post about making a gumdrop wreath, and thought it seemed like a perfect project for Emma. We went out and bought the supplies, and it really was an easy and fun project. I'm sure she'd also tell you about an additional benefit - being able to eat a whole bunch of gumdrops, at least whenever she thought I wasn't looking. It looked cute hanging in her room but she decided to give it to my mom for Christmas, who I believe still has it displayed in her kitchen.Remember this quilt? I made it for Allie before she was born and used yarn to tie it together, but after it was finished I removed the yarn and decided to quilt it instead. Well, I finally got around to it, mostly because after being used daily for the last four months, it desperately needed to be washed and I didn't want to wash it until it was quilted.I wanted to do kind of a curly-Q type of quilting and I thought about using pink or green thread for the back, but decided against it because if the quilting looked bad I didn't want it to be too noticeable. In retrospect, I wish I had because I think the quilting turned out pretty well.
Noah has developed a disturbing habit of hitting other little kids, and I'm feeling troubled by it. It's been happening here and there for awhile, but last night we met a friend and her kids at the mall, and instead of playing on the toys, Noah ran around smacking people. He doesn't do it because he's mad and I don't think he's trying to be mean. It's more like a "hello" smack, but he does it hard enough that whoever is on the receiving end usually cries. I don't know what to do. I mean, I can only say, "Be gentle, you hurt her, you made him sad, he won't want to play with you if you hit, blah, blah, blah" so many times before it becomes silly because it's not making a bit of difference. He spent most of the time last night sitting on my lap because he couldn't stop hitting, which I don't really like because I also have Allie on my lap and it's difficult to hold them both at the same time when Noah is struggling to escape. I hope it's a very short phase because I'm starting to feel like I can't take him anywhere, and I don't want the rest of us to be stuck at home all the time because of him. Other than when he fights with Emma sometimes, he is never aggressive with anyone at home, so I just don't get it. Hmmmm.

Another - much more endearing - thing he has started doing is finding discarded items of clothing around the house, wrapping them around his neck, and coming to me saying, "Help. Help." until I help him put them on. And if the clothes happen to belong to his older sister, so be it.


Mom said...

I just adore the beautiful wreath. In fact, yesterday as I was storing Christmas decorations, I wondered if it would still be pretty next year if I packed it away. I found several sets of directions for making gumdrop wreaths on the Internet, but nobody mentioned if they would last from year to year. I decided it probably wouldn't look so good next year, and since it makes me happy every time I see it, I am just going to leave it up indefinitely! Has anybody out there stored one from Christmas to Christmas?
I love the picture of Noah in Emma's nighties! He doesn't look very aggressive!

Hamons said...

Darling wreath and adorable quilt. It is frustrating when your little one is going thru a difficult phase. I haven't been thru that particular one (yet), but know many that have. Glad to see you can still appreciate his silly cuteness in Emma's jammies!

C. said...

How did you do your quilting!? I am in the proces of trrying to find the right pattern for my little girl's quilt. This is perfect!

Sarah said...

C. - I used a darning foot on my machine and then just moved the fabric around in random curly motions while I sewed. It's lots of fun!