Sunday, May 01, 2011

Some random tidbits...

~ The Easter Bunny brought sunglasses for the kids, and they have been wearing them everywhere all week. The fact that sunglasses are usually just worn outside is totally lost on them. (The quality of that photo is so poor due to the very limited light that is available at the ungodly hour at which my children wake up.)

~ My driver's license expires tomorrow, so on Friday I was planning to go get a new one. It turns out that apparently you need your birth certificate for that, and when I opened our family's "identification documents" folder, I only found Steve's, Emma's, Noah's, and Allie's. Where the heck is my birth certificate? I wonder how much of a hassle it is to get a new one.

~ Is anyone else as excited as me about zucchini being in season? I am particularly obsessed with the zucchini-and-corn combo lately, as evidenced by our dinners this week. We've had zucchini, corn, and feta quesadillas, quinoa with corn and zucchini, and zucchini, corn, and goat cheese pizzas. Yum yum yum! What else can I make with corn and zucchini?

~ I've been getting my hair highlighted for years now, and I'm getting a little tired of it. It's expensive and it always takes so long. I'm considering coloring it myself, using the stuff in a box. Steve thinks that I will be sorry, but I think I really just am not that into hair color so even if it doesn't look great it won't be the end of the world. We will see.

~ Last August I paid something ridiculous like $800 to have the air conditioner in my van fixed. This spring, the first time I tried to turn it on, it didn't work. I took it back and they fixed it again (for free, thankfully). Now it isn't working - again. Come on, people! We are dropping it off again tomorrow, hopefully for the last time.

~ We made these little Easter treats for the kids' teachers and people in our family. They were the perfect project for the kids because they were able to do everything themselves except for tying on the ribbon at the end. I was kicking myself because I had just dropped off a bin of glass for recycling a couple days before we did this, so we ended up having to use canning jars. Other jars would have been better because they would have been plain on the outside, and also I wouldn't have been wasting my canning jars, but overall I think they ended up being pretty cute.
~ Tomorrow I will be 32 years old. So far my 30's have been pretty enjoyable so I am looking forward to another great year!


Mom said...

I loved your news updates. I am a huge fan of the darling Easter treats, and can also recommend home hair-coloring and not being too picky about one's hair. I can't say if I would like all of your zucchini dishes or not, since we never ever have zucchini around here!

Amanda said...

Getting your birth certificate is really easy. I had to do it a couple months ago. Just go to I got it in about a week.

Laura said...

funny the kids need sunglasses despite the low light at the ungodly hour ;)

I'm looking forward to zuke and lots of other yummies from our garden!

Nicki said...

The easter jars are super cute! When I had to get my licence renewed i had a hospital birth certificate but they require a government cert. So I had to get one of those-it required a form of ID. So I used my drivers licence to get the birth certificate I needed to get my new drivers licence. Just a scam to get another $10 out of me.

Katie said...

I will have 2 jars to return to you soon! We JUST finished up the delicious strawberry-cranberry jam from christmas...yuuuum!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, I enjoyed your news updates as well.

It's very easy to get a new birth certificate...look up the local board of health office, they can print you out one from there tout suite!

See you soon!

Allison said...

Those bunny jars are very cute!