Monday, February 13, 2012

Well, well... hello again.

I've been missing this old blog a little bit so I thought maybe I'd post an update or two.

Today was a snow day for all the kids, which was an unexpected, but lovely, surprise. We all went out and played in the snow, although I didn't last too long out there because honestly, playing in the (wet and freezing) snow is not something I really love to do. Still, I was glad I went out for a little bit because there is still snow falling and everything looks so pretty. Here is Emma next to the beginnings of a cute snowcat that she made on our front porch.We've been busy making Valentine's goodies around here, mostly thanks to ideas from Pinterest. Too many ideas, probably, because by the time we finished everything I was sick of making little Valentine's treats!

First, we made little Pretzel Buttons, which we then wrapped up and delivered to our neighbors.
For the kids' classmates, we bagged up little Teddy Grahams and leftover Peanut Butter M&Ms, and idea that I stole from here.Lastly, we made chocolate dipped Oreos for Emma to bring to school for her birthday treats this week.I think these are super cute, and I hope they are yummy too. I'm sure I would have tried one, but we had a frustrating issue with the Oreos falling off the sticks into the chocolate and after a number of ruined attempts, we had JUST enough for everyone in her class.


Abby said...

aughhhhh!!!! you've returned!!! with more adorableness!!! :) those cookie-pops are SO cute.

Allison said...

Glad to see you back! :-) Love the valentines goodies. Hopefully we can get together soon!

Mom said...

So excited to read your blog!

Laura said...

hello again! very cute Valentine goodness. I bet the kids had fun participating in all the preparations. Emma made a cute snowcat, looks like you all had quite a bit more snow than we did. Glad she got to play in it as it might have been her only chance this year!

Mary said...

The cookie pops are adorable. I have dipped Oreos in chocolate before, but never thought to turn them into a pop. Thank-you for the idea.