Thursday, August 03, 2017

Our week of exploring Kansas City continued yesterday.  We started off at Antioch Park, which we hadn't been to since Emma was a preschooler.  We walked around the lake, and were amazed at the number of turtles we saw.  Dozens of turtles, some fish, a bunch of ducks, and a few frogs - a fun amount of wildlife for just a small jaunt around the lake.

Do you see all those turtles?  The kids sat down to watch the ducks that were super close and then of course, more turtles just started showing up.  It was crazy!

Antioch Park has this pretty cool little village of buildings to play in, which kept everyone busy for awhile.

Lastly, the children climbed up on this rock, and then Noah decided to risk his life by jumping off the side.  He luckily survived, and then continued to climb up and jump off for the rest of the time we were there.

After the park we ate lunch at The Snack Shack, which was another success.  It was a cute place, and the food was yummy.

We strolled around downtown Overland Park after lunch for some relaxing and a little dancing.

Betty Rae's was next

and then on to Park Place for a little browsing and the afternoon farmer's market. We've hit up several farmer's markets in the last few weeks, and I like to let the kids pick out what we buy there so they will hopefully be excited about eating whatever it is.  The trouble is, a lot of people give out free samples of their stuff, especially people who are selling things other than just produce.  Once people have doled out five samples to my crew and engaged the kids in friendly conversations, I can't seem to walk away from their tables without buying something.  So, as we were leaving the market last night and I was regretting some of our purchases, I decided I wasn't going to take the kids to farmer's markets anymore.  However, the regrettable purchases - garlic basil homemade fettuccine, cashew "cheese", and a $10 jar of (delicious!) pickles - have all been consumed by now and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, so I guess maybe our farmer's market trips are worth it after all.

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Kathy said...

I just love seeing your beautiful pictures and reading about your adventures! I hope Noah doesn't want to jump off any dangerous rocks when he is with us this weekend--or Peter, either, while he is on his float trip!