Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I've been working like crazy on Emma's bedroom and it's pretty much finished. There were some yellow shelves up before but they don't match anymore. I just have to figure out something to go in their place and I will be all finished. I'm so excited for Steve to see it when he gets home on Friday! I'll post pics when I'm completely done.

This evening I decided to go work out at the community center and leave Emma at the tot drop. She hasn't been there in a few months, but it was never a problem in the past so I figured it would be okay. Wrong. As soon as she saw the toys and other kids, she took off running. I tried to say good-bye but she didn't even notice. I went and put my stuff in a locker, then walked back up to the work-out area. Even though it's a pretty loud place and not very close to the child care area, I could hear Emma screaming. I went back to get her and she really looked like she was panicked. The lady handed her over and she clung to me and cried, terrified. I've never seen her do that before. The lady suggested I stay and play for awhile, then sneak away. I know you aren't supposed to do that, but after awhile Emma seemed happy again and was ignoring me, so I did sneak out. I didn't even make it one time around the track before I heard her screaming again. I went and got her and we left. She was still freaked out when we got outside so we sat in the car for awhile and nursed before going home. Poor baby. I probably won't try that again for a good long while.

Emma has two new very favorite activities: watching TV and picking her nose. The nose-picking is no big deal (and even kind of cute), but I'm a little concerned about the TV. I don't really want her to watch TV, but all day long she keeps bringing me the remote. If I don't turn it on, she turns the TV on herself and flips through the channels and whines until she finds something she thinks looks interesting. This morning she watched Barney and Sesame Street, then I decided no more TV for the rest of the day. Yeah right. Distracting her didn't work. We actually had to go outside or leave to take her mind off the TV. I need to come up with some activites for her that are more interesting than the TV. Other than a couple PBS shows, she has three movies that she will watch over and over if I let her - a Veggie Tales movie, a They Might Be Giants video with songs, and Disney's Robin Hood. I swear when I close my eyes I actually see those movies playing and when I go to bed, I can hear the songs playing over and over in my mind.

Oh, one more thing. When I was playing with Emma at the tot drop, there was a doll with a bottle. The caregiver handed them both to Emma and said something like, "Can you give the baby her bottle? Mmmm, babies love bottles!" I suppose it's really not that big a deal, but I'm sad that the minute she's out of my care, she's being shown that bottles are normal. She has never had a bottle and had no idea what to do with the one today. If only the lady had said, "Can you nurse the baby? Mmmm, babies love mama milk!", Emma would have known what to do!


Darshani said...

I had to give up my Y membership for the same reason. :-( Sorry you had a rough day.

As far as bottles go, my dds were not nursed but we hang around enough people that Abi sees nursing as normal. She mostly nurses her dolls, very very rarely uses a bottle. She's more likely to pretend it has a stomach tube and feed it through that! lol!

studly d said...

I certainly can't blame her for watching Robin Hood repeatedly. With actions like that, I would be greatly surprised if she doesn't grow up to be a good-looking genius.