Friday, August 19, 2005

Please bear with me while I whine for a minute.

I am so tired of Steve traveling! I don't know how single mothers manage because I am becoming seriously unraveled after one week of single parenting. Emma and I had a good day filled with fun things, but tonight she was super fussy. I gave up and tried to put her to sleep at 8:00. She was actually asleep in 15 minutes and I was so excited about having a whole evening all to myself. Twenty minutes later, she was awake again and, try as I might, I could not get her back to sleep. We laid in bed for almost TWO HOURS. She nursed off and on, switching rapidly from side to side, which really starts to bug me after awhile. She twiddled my nipples the entire time we were in there and finally I couldn't take it anymore and we got back up. She was so crabby! At around midnight Steve called and I just burst into tears. Anyway, she just now went to sleep and I am exhausted so I'm going to sleep too.

Sixteen more hours until Steve is home!

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studly d said...

Sarah, Sarah...The first sentence of your second paragraph has a rather egregious error in it. You should have written "I'm so tired of Steve's traveling!" In the future, if want me to deign to read this blog, please make it grammatically accurate.