Sunday, September 04, 2005

Emma is finally starting to say some words consistently. Steve and I are so excited. She's been saying "hot" every chance she can: when eating food that's even the teeniest bit warm, when getting in the bathtub of warm water, when getting in the hot car. She also now excitedly says "baby" every time we see a baby anywhere. Very cute! Plus today on our walk she pointed out a basketball net and I told her what it was and every time we saw another net after that, she said "bah-baw". What a genius!

She is so snuggly these days. It's nonstop kisses and hugs from her all day long. Yesterday at the grocery store she was in the sling and she must have given me 50 kisses while we were there. I feel like every day she just gets cuter and cuter. She often brings her stuffed dog back to the dogs' dishes and pets him while he "eats". She has also begun bringing her various stuffed animals and dolls to me to nurse them. We've been taking so many pictures and videos of her because I don't want to forget all this adorableness!

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