Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Here is a disturbing video about the dogs who were left behind after Katrina. If you have room to welcome an abandoned pet in your home, please go here and register. I signed us up to take in one dog, but I have a sickening feeling that some people would rather just shoot them than go to the trouble of transporting them and placing them in foster care. I keep thinking about my little Joe and Pax running around out there, hungry and alone. I heard that originally FEMA was telling people to evacuate but not allowing them to bring their pets. WTH?!?!?! If there was a disaster heading towards Kansas City, I'd get the heck out, but I would absolutely refuse to leave my dogs. There is no way.


mamaspeak said...

We're getting truckloads of the poor animals coming up to central Arkansas...many are getting transported on up north, so a few might end up in your neck of the woods.

It's sad how few people believe that we should protect the weakest among us.

Katie said...

How sad. I didn't watch the video. I'll stay up worrying about the poor dogs. how sad! :(