Friday, September 23, 2005

I just came up with the coolest idea! Tomorrow Joann's is having a big sale and I was already going to go get some fleece to make Ems some pants, but now I've got something even more fun! Emma has several long sleeved onesies that have been given to us. Onesies don't fit over cloth diapers very well, so I rarely use them. However, my plan is to cut off the bottoms and turn them into dresses, similar to this. I'm just going to get enough fabric for one tomorrow, in case it turns out looking really dumb. I'm off to design a pattern!

Oh, one more semi-related I've been jonesing for some long sleeve knit dresses for Emma lately, right? Well, in the past two days I've really lucked out with some good deals. We will soon be receiving in the mail one Hanna Andersson dress, two Zutano dresses, two Land's End dresses, and a Gymboree dress. I'm SO excited and I don't even care that I spent my entire last month's secret shopping money on them!

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Jen said...

I LOVE the idea of turning onsies into dresses - if this baby is a girl I will definitely be doing that.

I hit the JoAnn's sale today and got tons of fabric! But not for cute fun stuff, just curtains for Killy's room and a new pillow case for a co-sleeping pillow. That place was a madhouse today, though!