Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Last night Steve and I played Scrabble and he beat me by four measly points! Argh! Like an immature baby, I stormed off to bed after I lost, leaving the game set up on the table. This morning when Emma and I got up, this is what we saw:
Isn't that sweet?

Tonight we met Steve at Friday's for dinner, then he went back to work. He is still there now at 10:38. After dinner, he walked us to my car, and Emma was not happy to see him go. She cried and forlornly said, "Pa?...Pa?" most of the way home.

As if having a bad night weren't enough, poor Steve had a bad morning as well. His mom's dog, whom they've had since Steve was in 8th grade, got cancer and had to be put to sleep. Steve and his step-dad took her to the vet this morning, then brought her back home and buried her. He was pretty upset about it, understandably. I'm going to give my dogs a few extra hugs tonight and appreciate them a little more.

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Kara said...

aww, the scrabble picture makes my heart melt. how sweet of him!