Thursday, September 22, 2005

On another blog I read, someone was recently talking about holiday traditions and it got me thinking about traditions in my own family. My mom is a complete tradition hound. It's one tradition after another at the holidays, which is great. So, in keeping with the tradition of having traditions, I'm going to implement some Christmas traditions in my own family.

1. Every year, Emma (and any subsequent children) will make age-appropriate Christmas tree ornaments for the members of our extended family. It will be fun, the families will love it, plus I love an excuse to go to Michael's.
2. I will always have mistletoe hanging in our house. Who doesn't love spontaneous random kisses? I think Emma, the kissing queen, will especially love this one.
3. Every year at some point we will drive around and look at Christmas lights. We always do this anyway but I want to make sure we never stop because I enjoy it so much.
4. We will buy a new Advent calendar every year and have fun opening the little doors for years to come.
5. The week before Christmas we will make lots of cookies and deliver them to public service employees.
6. I'd like to have some sort of fun, symbolic family activity the night we set out the Nativity scene, but I haven't come up with anything for that yet.

Well, I guess that's a start. I stole numbers 3 and 4 from my mom but I don't think she'll mind. I'm sure she'll be happy to spread around the tradition love!

I took these pictures of Emma in the yard today and I think they're really cute.
Whart fun is playing with bubbles if you don't dump the bubbles on the ground and splash in them?
Steve is coming home tomorrow!!


mamaspeak said...

Oh, I love #5! We might steal that one...

And Emma is turning into a such a cute little lady! Her smile is so sweet.

Dak-Ind said...

what beautiful photos. i love to turn our pictures black and white, i think it makes them more interesting.