Friday, September 09, 2005

Steve and I have been playing Scrabble every chance we get this week - meaning every time Emma is asleep. He always beats me BUT yesterday I won! Today the final score was 294-293 and guess who lost...that's right, me. Gah!

I've been eating a bunch of crap lately. Wendy's is now offering little packets of toppings to go with their Frosties. The choices are M&M's, Oreo, and Butterfinger...the best of those being, of course, Butterfinger. We're hooked and have been driving to Wendy's every single night for those yummilicious Frosties. Plus earlier this week Steve made a peach pie and of course that had to be eaten with ice cream. I have got to lay off the ice cream.

I am much better at surfing the Internet looking for yarn and dreaming up new things to knit than I am at actually knitting anything. I just finished turning the heel of a sock and I had to take a break because it wore me out!

Now back to the sock...

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