Saturday, September 10, 2005

I keep getting these "comments" on here that say something like, "Great blog! I have a site about blah blah blah. You should come check it out." The link is always there and it's to some dumb site about Viagra or mortgage refinancing or whatever. I can't believe they found another way to send out spam! Argh!

Today we went and bought speakers for our living room. Tomorrow Steve is going to set it up so the computer (which is in the office down the hall) will play into the living room. That way, when the TV is gone, we'll be able to listen to all the music on my computer out there instead. I'm so excited!

I'm kind of bummed about the socks on which I am working. I'm knitting them for someone who told me she only wants machine washables. No problem, except that when I bought the yarn I somehow missed the fact that it is hand wash only. I somehow didn't discover that until today. Now I have almost a whole sock completed and I can't even really give it to her. Guess I'll just have to keep this pair for myself! I don't mind at all except that I'm seriously running out of time. Only four more months until Christmas!

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mamaspeak said...

Turn on word verification! It has totally stopped the spam on my blog. You can do that in the 'change settings' spot on dashboard.

Sorry to hear about the socks...what a bummer. I am still totally impressed that you're knitting with that teensy weensy yarn, though :)