Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well, I just reread my post from earlier and I want to reassure everyone that I'm really not a psychopath. I promise! Emma just now fell asleep (at 7:00) and that could be fantastic if she's down for the night or bad if she wakes up at midnight rarin' to go.

I've figured out why my house is always a mess. When Emma is awake, I keep thinking I'll do all the cleaning when she's asleep. As soon as she falls asleep, I think to myself, "This is a perfect time to read a book/knit/eat some ice scream/do anything but clean." Will I ever learn?

There are two things I've been lusting after lately and I am probably unlikely to get either any time soon. :( I really want these shoes, and I really want Emma to have this dress/leggings set. I could maybe convince Steve that I really really really need the shoes, but I can't justify spending $54 on an outfit for Emma. I've been looking on ebay but even used ones are almost that expensive.


Abbinator said...

When I read that you wanted to get Emma a cute dress with leggings, I immediately hoped it was from Hannah Anderson. My mom used to buy us Hannah Anderson clothes and whenever she gives someone a baby gift, she gives them a gift certificate for Hannah because the clothes last for years and they are so adorable! Gah! I am supposed to be studying.

mamaspeak said...

If you're willing to wait, check out eBay in January/February/March, and also call the outlets (they ship!). Late last winter, I got a NWT playdress set for $24 including shipping from eBay. Can't wait til the weather gets cold enough for Ellie to wear it :)