Saturday, October 29, 2005

Argh! My parents and little brother are coming to visit today so I was using Emma's naptime to run around and quickly clean. I was getting lots done when the doorbell rang and, of course, woke Emma. I politely told the guy that, no thank you, I was not interested in hearing about bible prophesies. Grrr. Although as he was walking away he did turn around and mention that he liked the "Human Milk for Human Babies" sticker on my car. After that I forgave him a little bit. Now Emma is back to sleep, but she's on my lap, so there's not much cleaning going on. I'm making a sign for that stupid doorbell today!

Steve is talking to some guy next week about a new job. This new position requires at least 50 hours a week. If it really was only 50 hours a week, that would be great because it's way less than he works now. Unfortunately, I have a sneaking suspicion that it would end up always being more than that. Plus the job requires 25% international travel. Him being gone one week a month is no big deal, but I'm not so sure I want him gallavanting around the world without me. He's pretty excited about the whole thing, but me, not so much. He did say that it's more likely Ems and I could go with him when he travels, which would be incredible, but I'm skeptical.


Mona said...

I love your background. That's sooo cool! Did you make it that way for Halloween or is it always like that?

studly d said...

He would have liked the "Affordable health care begins with breastfeeding" sticker more. Or the "People with big noses are naturally brave" sticker.