Thursday, October 27, 2005

A friend who is a fabulous photographer recently took some pictures for us. I saw them today and, even though she did a great job, I'm a little bummed about the way they turned out. Emma is frowning in every single one. She looks like some little grumpy girl I don't even know. I did, however, come to two realizations after looking at these pictures.

1. I have got to stop biting my fingernails. My hands look terrible. I've stopped a few different times before with the help of some stuff called Nail Biter by Sally Hanson. It's really super nasty and you brush it on your nails as a very effective deterrent. The problem is my bottle is gone and I can't find the stuff anywhere anymore. I looked online and it's only available from companies in the U.K. Do they think only the English bite their nails?

2. I want to learn to take better pictures. We have a pretty good camera and I don't even make use of most of it's features. After deciding this, I requested several photography books from the library so hopefully soon I will be some sort of photographer extraordinaire. Or at the very least maybe my pictures won't suck.

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