Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The dogs are at the groomer today. I'm always a little sad when they're gone because I know they're miserable, plus the house seems empty without them.

Since the dogs are gone, I thought it would be a good day to clean the carpets. Our carpet was almost new when we bought the house and we managed to ruin it in a little over a year. Emma, Steve, and I spill our fair share of stuff, but at least we don't sneak out there to pee in the middle of the night like the dogs do. Well, like they used to. Ever since we realized what they were doing, we make sure to close the door to the bedroom at night. Anyway, after repeated and failed attempts to steam clean, we discussed tearing up the carpet and polishing the hardwood underneath. Today, however, I decided to give it one last try...except instead of using that worthless (and toxic) commercial cleaner, I made a handy little mixture of vinegar, Borax, peppermint EO, and hot water. And...the carpet looks fabulous! 95 percent of the stains came up, plus the place smells wonderful! It's like we have a new living room! I'm so excited!

I don't recall ever having been so elated about autmn, but I am enjoying it SO much this year! We've been walking twice as far as usual lately because I can hardly force myself to go back in the house. The smell, the crunchy leaves, the brisk air...ahhh. This is cheesy, but I feel like with autumn came the anticipation of so many great things to come: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, big chunky sweaters, yummy food, lots of hot tea, giving gifts, family visits, Ambassadors of Harmony concerts, playing in the snow with Emma, the ski trip, etc. I can't wait!


HeyMamaJulie said...

Hey - I've been meaning to ask you... can you post your tofu pumpkin pie recipe on kcap? I made one the other day, but it turned out a bit more like pudding then pie! : )

studly d said...

I am happily anticipating beating you at Boggle and Tripoley again.