Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm forever ruining recipes by trying to make them healthier. Just as I was about to give up on making a healthier cookie, I found this recipe. We made them today and they are pretty gosh darn yummy! Of course, they're not exactly good for you, but if you're going to eat cookies (and I am), why not eat some that aren't 100% junk?

The other night Steve and I were, um, discussing the amount of time he spends at work. I insinuated that his job as an auditor is more important to him that his job as a husband and father. I'm feeling pretty guilty about that now, so when Emma wakes up, we're going to drive to his office and leave some cookies, a picture she painted today, and a note thanking him for taking care of us in his car for a surprise.


Katie said...

What a nice gesture! :) Dont be too hard on yourself tho dearie...all you were trying to do is let him know you guys missed him, right? That can't be such a bad thing...


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I made the chocolate chip cookies from the butter-flavored Crisco recipe for everybody's Halloween treat bags, and I told your dad I would probably never make them again because I felt guilty giving you all that bad nutrition! But then they were so delicious that I probably will make them now and then.
I'm glad you're doing that sweet surprise for Steve.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! That oatmeal cookie recipe sounds great. I will have to try it. Kevin works long hours a lot too, I understand that talk. I have had it myself. Not fun. The dyed prefolds are gorgeous! Emma is just gorgeous and sound so sweet!
Carrie (rdhdprincess)