Saturday, October 08, 2005

Why is it that if I lay down in the afternoon, I will almost certainly fall asleep, yet at night I sometimes lay there forever, wide awake?

Emma has not been herself lately. For the past few days, she's been completely irrational and, to be honest, not much fun. It's been one tantrum after another. This morning we were going to get in the shower. She was holding a doll and, as I explained that dolls don't need showers, I gently pried the doll from her iron grip. Whoa. She threw herself on the floor in a fit of rage, screaming hysterically. She didn't get over it for a long time and I never got a shower, which is why I am a complete greaseball now. Then later she was eating some tuna casserole for a snack, but she kept throwing it to the dogs. I asked her to stop, and when she didn't I went and took her plate away. More fits. Just as she was getting over that one, she decided she wanted to go outside. We had already been outside at the park for a long time so I tried to distract her. She hopefully brought me my shoes and when we still didn't go outside, another tantrum. An on and on, you get the idea. I hope this is just a little phase as I am unsure of what to do to help her deal with her frustration.

On a happier (and much cuter) note, she is really papa's girl lately. In the morning as soon as we wake up, she runs into the office looking for Steve and saying , "Papa?" I wish he could be there because she always looks crestfallen when he is not. He will be out of town the next two weeks and I guess we will both be missing him like crazy. :(


studly d said...

Don't give in to her tantrums. When she acts up, the best thing is to deal with her with an iron fist.

HeyMamaJulie said...

Your brother is so wise. Not. LOL.

OMG, Sarah. Perhaps "The Change" is happening. I swear when Will was about 18 months old, it happened to him. The stronger, more willful Will came out. I remember it so vividly. It was right around Christmas and Mark and I were at a loss. Who IS this child? On to the next horizon for Emma. And for you. Don't forget to enjoy the view. : )

mamaspeak said...

da da dummmm...

Tantruming toddlers are so challenging. It's really hard to connect with kids who were once totally, innocently sweet if they're screaming, kicking, and punching.

Hope she gets her requisite tantrums out of her system without too many tears for either of you.