Saturday, November 05, 2005

Emma got a bag of microwave popcorn when she was trick-or-treating and Steve tried to make it today. He says he followed the instructions on the bag, but something went terribly wrong. We ended up with a bag of unrecognizeable black char and now our whole house REEKS like burnt popcorn. We left for awhile and could even smell it while we were out so I think the smell has permeated our clothes and hair. Lovely.

Well, we are back to the cloth diapers. The ease and the trimness were nice for a couple days, but I really just think sposies are gross. First of all, they stink. They are so heavily perfumed that it's all I can smell when she's wearing one. I want my baby to smell like, Plus a dispoable diaper with pee in it smells five times worse than a cloth one with pee. Second, they are ugly. Emma runs around in her cloth diapers all the time, looking completely adorable, but I would never let her just hang out in a sposie. They bring her cuteness level down several notches. So those of you who were berating me for destroying the rain forests and calling me gross (and you know who you are), worry not. :) Emma is back in her cute, soft, economical, and environmentally-friendly dipes.

Here are some funny pictures. This one is of her saying "cheese" for the picture while eating a cracker.

My dad taught her how to "wink" while he was here last weekend. Here she is showing off her new skill.


Katie said...

OMG!! THose pictures are adorable!! I called Steve over to show him and he even thought they were cute!!

Im glad your back to CD's. I knew it'd only be a matter of time. I tried sposies for awhile too. I felt guilty every time I threw one away! LOL

the abbinator said...

I once burned a popcorn bag at work and the entire office smelled like yucky burnt popcorn.
I was really excited because I thought that this was going to be a cool story. However, that's all I've got. I'm sorry for being so boring.
Oh; I did also burn a potato once.

the real abbinator said...

David took over my story!