Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm doing another poll because (1) I think they're fun, and (2) I'm curious.

I'm usually pretty darn happy this time of year because there are so many fun events. I love decorating, giving and gettings gifts, yummy food, and time with my family. I keep hearing other people talk about general holiday unpleasantness, and my Natural Health mgazine this month is all about how to avoid the holiday doldrums. So, tell me, how do you feel this time of year?

Today on my way out of Hobby Lobby, the Salvation Army bell ringer nabbed me. She kept talking and talking, telling me all these intimate details about her family. I probably said two words the entire time we were standing there. First I thought she was just a little weird, but then I began to think she was really crazy. She was rambling on and jumping from topic to topic and really not making any sense. Emma was struggling to get down and I wanted to leave, but this woman was not taking any hints. I was slowly making my way towards my car and she just kept following us! At one point she told me that "a woman ain't nuthin without a man" because the Bible says so. ?!?!?! When she told me that she thought teachers in school should still be able to beat children, I instantly just turned and walked briskly to my car. I didn't know how else to escape her! She was still yelling to us across the parking lot as I put Ems in the car! Weird.


Anonymous said...

aww i was looking at your baby pics. they r soooooo cute!!

-- jeremiah

OC Mama said...

You need an option on your poll for more cheerful and more grumpy! ha ha. I think I get more grumpy about all the extra stuff like travel, but then I get way more cheerful about the good stuff. :-)

Katie said...

what a freak!