Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yesterday I found a great pattern that I'm going to use to knit some Christmas presents. Once I found it, I had an overwhelming urge to begin knitting immediately. I called the yarn store to make sure they had the needles I needed (size 11 double pointed). She assured me they did, so I put Emma in the car and we drove all the way downtown, even though I knew I was going to have to battle traffic on the way back. When we arrived at the yarn store, only to find out that there had been only one pair of size 11 DPNs, and since I had called about 30 minutes ago, someone else had come in and BOUGHT THEM!!! Ack!! I asked the women there to help me find the right yarn size that would still work out with a size 10 needle. They helped me, but there is no way what I bought will work for the pattern I had picked. I ended up having to to pick a new pattern. I started last night and it does seem to be working out. Why, oh why, doesn't someone open up a yarn store closer to me?

We had our carpet professionally cleaned today and it looks great! Woe is the dog who tries to pee in the living room again.

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mom said...

I thought you didn't like double-pointed needles.
Congratulations to Emma, the big fine girl!