Monday, November 28, 2005

Steve is going to be working pretty late tonight so to cheer ourselves up, Emma and I are going to put up the tree and the rest of the decorations. Steve said he wouldn't mind missing out on the fun. We had such a great time with him while he was off work last week so I'm feeling a little sad that he's gone again today. He is taking two weeks off at Christmas, so at least I can look forward to that.

We're ordering this for Emma for Christmas. I'm so excited! I want to load her up with nice toy dishes and food, but it's already a pretty big present. Maybe other people who are giving her gifts will get her things like that (hint, hint)! I hope she loves it! I know I will!

Gah! I just checked on my ad amount, and it is up to $10.85. I was hoping to be able to donate $30 to the shelter, $15 of which I made from the ad. While checking, I came across this:

You can expect to be paid in the payment cycle that follows the first month in which you accumulate more than $100 in earnings in accordance with the Google AdSense Online Program Agreement.

WTH!?!?! It will take me ten years to make $100! Scrap the plan, I'm taking down the dumb ad. I apologize to any of you who may have wasted your time clicking. :(


studly d said...

I suppose the new format looks nice.
I am pretty irked that I wasted all that time clicking on that ad though.

HeyMamaJulie said...

Cool kitchen! I have total kitchen envy as we only have one of those plastic ones. But the boys have always loved playing kitchen. Emma will have so much fun! Also - watch TJ Max for sales. They often have wooden kitchen food and pots and pans.