Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I just had the worst trip to the store with Emma. We had to run in for about five small things, and it started out okay. She was riding in one of those little truck things in the front of the carts, but after a few minutes she started trying to climb out and saying she wanted to walk. When she says walk, what she really means is run swiftly away and throw food on the floor. I said she couldn't walk, but could sit in the cart. After struggling to get her in the cart, which did not have a buckle, I also had to struggle to keep her there. By this time she was wailing and people were staring at us, probably thinking I was a bad mother. I couldn't push the cart and hold her in there at the same time so I said I'd carry her. Luckily we were ready to check-out at this point, but she flailed and writhed around and I couldn't handle her and look through my purse for my card at the same time. I set her down and held onto her coat hood. I found my card, but the stupid thing wouldn't swipe. Emma threw herself on the ground and wriggled out of her coat. So at this point I'm standing there searching through my messy purse for my checkbook and holding an empty coat that once housed my toddler, who is now racing for the door in an attempt to leave the store. The poor people in line behind me had to wait while I ran after her, then more while I carried her yelling, kicking self back to the line. She laid on the floor wailing, "Noooooo! Owie! Noooo! Owie!" while I held onto her shirt and wrote out the blasted check at the same time. I was so happy to get out of there! If I believed in spanking, I think today I would have done it. Luckily, she is asleep now and back to looking sweet and angelic.


Katie said...

oh dear, i'm sorry you had such a bad experience!! the terrible two's are starting a touch early huh? :)

hey-are you & steve coming to the Lou for christmas?

Sarah said...

Yep! :)

Katie said...

SWEET! Wanted to make sure santa dropped his gifts off at the right place. ;) Can't wait to see you guys!