Sunday, December 18, 2005

With my mom visiting last week and Steve working late, we had to put our viewing of 24 on hold for a while. Saturday we resumed it and we didn't stop until we finished. After watching until 3:00 a.m two days in a row and knocking out twelve episodes yesterday, we finished the season. That show is like crack. Once you start, there is no stopping. Yesterday we mistakenly made the mistake of thinking we were just going to watch a few episodes, and then accomplish some useful things the rest of the day. Oh, no. Another trip to Blockbuster ensured we were not leaving the couch anytime soon. I probably haven't spent that many hours, total, in front of the TV since, well, the last season of 24 came out on DVD.

In other, less obsessive-addiction news, I finished knitting these mittens yesterday.

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studly d said...

Those mittens look so warm. I wish they were on my hands in this freezing basement!