Monday, January 16, 2006

Apparently The Plan is back on track. Emma has been asleep since 7:40 tonight. Amazing.

Today I realized that we have not been eating our green leafies as diligently as we should, so I found a few recipes to incorporate into my meal repertoire. For dinner tonight I made Potato-Kale Quiche and it was delicious! Emma scarfed it down like she was starving. Tomorrow I'm making Spanakopita. Mmmmmm!

I recently found two cookbooks that I'm loving and am going to purchase. Don't Panic - Dinner's in the Freezer and The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook - you should check them out.

Tomorrow is trash day and I do not want go outside in the cold and drag the cans to the street. Brrr!


studly d said...

I definitely made a comment here earlier. Why hasn't it shown up? It involed a lot of encouragement, some witty banter, and a request for home-cooked food that can't be denied.

mom said...

I'm glad Emma is sleeping. I hope she is also back to her cheerful self, and you two are finding fun things to do while Steve is gone.