Sunday, January 15, 2006

Emma has had a little fever off and on for the past two days, and it's killing our sleep routine. At least I guess that's what it is. She won't stay asleep without my being right next to her at all. During the night if I roll away from her she wakes up and cries out for me. Yesterday she didn't get a nap because she woke up as soon as I left the room and I could never get her back to sleep. Then last night she was asleep at 9:00, but woke up no less than ten times between then and midnight. I should have just given up and gone to bed because I spent my whole night in there nursing her back to sleep anyway. Now we just got back from driving her around because she was so overly exhausted that she would NOT fall asleep for anything. I hope she sleeps for a long time.

Yesterday I made one batch of meals - Honey Pork Chops - for this month's cooking club. I made enough for us to have it for dinner last night. The recipe said to cook them for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I did that and they were so overdone and tough that they were barely edible. Rats! Now I have to figure out how long they should really be cooked and change the directions I wrote on all the freezer bags.

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