Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today was much better than yesterday. Emma and I went and got our cooking club meals for this month. I am so excited to once again have a freezer full of food all ready to eat. We had a delicious dinner tonight, courtesy of Angie. Mmmmm!

I'm trying out a new method of sock knitting that involves two circular needles instead of double pointeds. It's supposed to be faster, but so far it's pretty frustrating. I don't feel like I'm knitting any faster at all. See that picture? It looks like a big tangled mess. I really want it to work because I think socks are probably the most useful thing to knit. Really, how many more scarves and hats can people really use?

Luckily for them, the dogs were much less annoying today.

Last year for Valentine's Day, I went out and bought myself a food processor. Although it was a great gift and I use it all the time, this year I decided that I wanted to nix the appliances-for-Valentine's Day-gifts idea. I thought Steve and I should give each other more romantic presents that we pick out for each other, and I gave him several ideas of things I would like. Apparently he was totally not listening because tonight he said, "For Valentine's Day, why don't we get you that mixer you've been wanting?" Oh well. I have been wanting a mixer. I suppose it could be worse. Maybe years down the road, when I own every appliance known to man, then I'll get something romantic.


studly d said...

I think that the most useful things to knit are Karate Kid headbands.
I'll take a couple of those!

HeyJulieMama said...

Get the mixer! : )
Hope Emma is feeling better. I wonder if she had altitude sickness? The Rockies are, um, TALL! : ) Its happened to me before...acclimating can be a bitch.

Abbinator said...

You should be glad you are getting anything. My Valentine thinks the holiday is a waste of time, so my hopes are not very high.

mom said...

Sarah, that was really sweet of Steve to think of getting you a mixture. Abbie is right--most husbands aren't even that thoughtful, and in the long run, a mixer is better than a new nightie!
Davey, you should model yourself after your dad, aka The Love God, who is outstanding in the romance department, especially for someone who has been married about 32 years!