Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Today was not a good day. Do you ever have those days where you just feel incredibly grumpy and annoyed for no apparent reason? Well, they are not pleasant. For me they are few and far between but today I got lucky, I guess.

Two things that really got on my nerves...

1. I think it's lame when you see people waiting in their cars for spaces that are about to be (but not quite yet) unoccupied, when there are perfectly good empty spots waiting just four spaces back. God almighty, just park and walk your lazy butt the few extra feet! Today we went to the store and were stuck behind some loser who sat... and sat... and sat in his car, waiting for a lady to unload a huge cart of groceries, just so he could have her spot. He could have parked his car in another spot and walked into the store six times in the time it took him to wait for her! Ugh!

2. My dogs. Those guys have been driving me crazy lately. They are always sabotaging my efforts to get Emma to sleep, and occasionally waking her up after I have succeeded. I used to miss them when we were apart for a few days, but before we left for the vacation I was thinking that it would be nice to have a little break from them. I didn't miss them when we were gone, and they are already getting on my nerves again. Today while we were gone, Jose destroyed a tambourine that my grandma just gave Emma for her birthday. Then, when dinner was ready and I was getting Emma a bib, he hopped up on the table and knocked over my drink, most of which poured right into our tamale pie.

We have these friends who also have two dogs, both of which were adored and doted on before the friends had a baby. As soon as the baby was born, the friends weren't very nice to the dogs anymore, forcing them to live mostly outside. Steve and I felt sorry for their dogs and promised our dogs a better fate. After Emma was born, one of the friends said to us, "Now don't you wish you could get rid of your dogs?" We both said, "No way!" Well, I'm sorry to say that day has finally come. Of course, we won't get rid of them. We will probably even let them keep sleeping on the bed with us. Pax will, of course, continue to sleep on my head and fart in my face during the night. Hopefully, this is just a phase and soon I will be back to enjoying their company.


studly d said...

Maybe now you can make the tambourine into a trendy necklace for Emma. Waste not, want not.

Katie said...

((hugs)) Im sorry your having a hard day. My dogs drive me crazy too.