Thursday, March 23, 2006

At 7:30, I sat down and started an entry that began like this: "Emma is already asleep. Is it too good to be true?" That's as far as I got because, alas, it was too good to be true. Now, three hours later, she really is asleep.

I've been knitting this sweater for Emma for awhile, and really hating it. It probably wasn't going to fit her right, and it wasn't that cute, and I was bored silly every time I worked on it. Even though I was probably 2/3 of the way finished, last night I frogged the whole thing. What a relief that was! Today I started a Girlfriend's Swing Coat in it's place, and I'm already loving it. Why didn't I do that long ago?

I can't wait until it gets warmer again. My garden is calling me! Tomorrow it's time to transplant my tomato seedlings, so that will help me get my gardening fix for awhile. Today Emma and I braved the cold for a little bubble blowing. She's very intent when it comes to bubbles!

A few weeks ago we got a bird feeder, and Emma and I have been enjoying watching the birds. I've also seen squirrels eating out of the feeder a few times, and when I do, I open the window and yell "Go away, squirrel!" or something else equally threatening. Tonight Emma and I were eating dinner, and I asked if I could have one of her grapes. Without waiting, I reached towards her plate. She swatted my hand away, yelling, "Away, sqwerrel!" I guess she told me!


mom said...

How cute! We are excited to be seeing the cuteness of all of your family members in person this very eveing.

David said...

You let her use that kind of lip with you?!

Grandma said...

This is a very late commment about chickens. Don't do it.They are very messy and don't give up their eggs easily and peck really hard. Stick with the worms. How is that coming by the way?

Abbinator said...

That is such a cute story about Emma. There are a ton of worms in Prague right now because it just rained and spring is coming! As I walked along the sidewalk today, I tried very hard to avoid the worms so I wouldn't kill them.