Friday, April 14, 2006

Lately I've been thinking that it would be okay with me if Emma weaned, because I'm a little tired of nursing a kicking, twiddling, flip-flopping toddler. I decided I was going to do the "don't offer, don't refuse" policy to hopefully move things along a little. Well, we've been at my mom's since Wednesday. Both Thursday and Wednesday, she's only nursed when waking up and going to bed. That's twice in the whole day! TWICE! This from a kid who often nurses seriously all day long when we're at home. (Okay, I have to add that she has nursed a LOT during the past two nights, though.) I know most of it is because we've been busy here and our whole schedule is thrown off, but I'm wondering how it will be when we get back home. Half of me is sad, and the other half is jumping for joy that I may be getting close to having my body all to myself again.

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