Monday, April 10, 2006

Tonight, after Emma's bath and before her diaper was on, she was standing on a laundry basket playing with the things on my dresser. As she leaned against the dresser, she chose that exact moment to pee. My bottom dresser drawer was conveniently open a little, which means pee ran in and soaked my drawerful of clean clothes. Could she have chosen a worse place to pee?

Our weekend was fun. Saturday night we dyed eggs, and that sneaky old Easter Bunny hopped in and hid them during the night. Emma had so much fun hunting for the eggs and other goodies. In addition to the eggs, the E.B. brought her some of her favorite things: pickles, kidney beans, applesauce, and beets. It's a good thing he found the right house because I bet most other kids would be pretty disgusted to find those "treats" on Easter morning.

I'm starting to get concerned about my spinach. I planted two different kinds and one of them, called Strawberry Spinach, should have sprouted by now. I just looked around on the Internet and apparently there are many people who could never get it to sprout. There are also several sources that say to just sprinkle the seeds on the soil because they need light to sprout. My seed packed said to plant them 1/2" deep. Hmmm... I guess I'll give them a few more days, then I'll use that space for something else. Rats.

Steve is gone, Emma is asleep, and I am going to enjoy some tea and knitting. The dirty dishes and laundry are calling me, but I'm ignoring them!


David said...

Yes, I think she could have.

Jen said...

Why did you celebrate Easter a week early? Is Steve going to be out of town?

I was thinking about buying strawberries and baking Bran Cookies to put in Killy's Easter Eggs on Sunday.

Sarah said...

We celebrated early because we're going to be at my mom's hosue next weekend. Emma's going to have Easter Bunny overload!

Abbinator said...

Haha. This sounds almost as bad as getting tools and salad dressing for Christmas!

Vegan Knitting said...

Don't you mean you are going to enjoy some pee and knitting?


Nothing like laughing at the misfortunes of others. At least it wasn't animal pee - nothing like trying to get the smell of cat pee out of clothing.

Deanna said...

Oh Sarah, I got scared reading your post because I thought I missed Easter! I was beginning to get very nervous, wondering how that could have happened. I kept going over in my mind the dates, and I know I went to target today to get egg dye, and it wasn't 75% off yet, so surely I didn't miss it. I had to read your comments before I realized that I am a dork...a complete dork :-)