Friday, May 26, 2006

Our sleep schedule is all screwed up again. What with having visitors, and then staying at my mom's, Emma's been going to bed well after midnight and we've been waking up around 11:00. Gah! Why do we naturally gravitate to staying up really late and getting up really late? Why can't we go to bed and wake up at a reasonable hour like the rest of the world? The night we got home Emma went to sleep at 10:00. I thought that was a good sign, but it must have just been sheer exhaustion, because last night didn't go so smoothly. I started to put her to sleep at 9:45. At 11:45, she was still awake and was crying and I was snapping at her. At that point I luckily remembered that that was not the parent I'm trying to be, so I just gave in and let her get up. There was no point in making her miserable and getting mad at her, although it did ruin my plans of finishing my current sock. Here she is at 12:30, way after I would have liked her to be asleep.

The battle against the fruit flies wages on. We've been using the traps and making sure they are not in the sink drain, but they still linger. Steve is making a sport out of killing them, which I am pretty sure he sort of enjoys. I told him I could go downstairs and let some more in, but I guess he doesn't enjoy it that much.

I'm already getting behind with the weeding in the garden, so today that is my top priority. This morning we're going to a program at the library and then meeting some friends at a park, but this afternoon is all about the weeds. Even if we can't seem to win against the fruit flies, I WILL dominate the weeds!


Leilalu said...

Sounds just like our house!lol
Ds stays up at least an hour after his big sister. And wants to sleep in.Not much knitting done at night here either.
What a cutie she is!

HeyJulieMama said...

There is a book called, "The Seven O'Clock Bedtime" that I have been wanting to read. Its often recommended on Waldorf web sites. Maybe we should read it together!

David said...

I also have trouble going to bed at any reasonable hour. You should try to find a useful way to get rid of the fruit flies, like making a stew with them: a perfect new cooking club dish!