Friday, May 26, 2006

I am way late on this.

G is for Garden.

Here is the garden that Steve built for me last spring.

Here are my potatoes - right now they are my favorite thing in the garden, just because they look so healthy and lucious. They have a newspaper mulch over them, which is saving me lots of weeding time.

Here are the asparagus plants. They have grown into ferns and are hopefully gearing up to produce some big giant asparagus for us next spring. Yesterday I read that, although they are not producing anymore this year, I still need to be carefully watering them and adding compost to ensure a healthy crop next time around. Oops. I am halfway through the process of newspaper mulching them.

The tomato plants, interspersed with Marigolds to hopefully keep away those nasty tomato hornworms.


A very, very meager spinach crop.

And, lastly, this lovely barren spot where nothing grows but weeds. I planted some spinach here and failed to get a single sprout. Tried again with carrots - nothing. I should get a soil test to see what the problem is, but I'm going to plant broccoli there first to see if it grows. More than likely, it will probably just be more wasted seeds.


David said...

Aren't you supposed to have been doing this every week, or something like that? I would give you the boot from my group.

HeyJulieMama said...

Your garden looks so nice! I will have to show Mark your fence - he will have fence envy.
I don't want to pick my radishes because then I will have a pretty barren garden. Though the potatoes are looking good.
Have you made a compost tea with your worm compost? Maybe try watering that barren patch with some of that and see how it goes.
I had to return my Square Foot Gardening book to the library. I have no idea what I am doing now.

Abbie said...

You should talk to my grandma sometime. She has three huge gardens every year and can grow anything.

mom said...

I'm impressed with your attractive garden.

grandma said...

Your garden looks really good. Plant brocolli plants and not seeds,or what about a couple of zucchini plants?