Friday, June 23, 2006

I finished the curtains for the living room. I have no idea why I put those off for six months, because they only took me just over an hour to sew. Pics to come tomorrow after I get Steve-o to hang the curtain rod.

Today was a good day, except for one traumatic incident. We were playing in our backyard with some friends, and having a lovely time. When we tried to go back inside, however, I discovered the lock on the door had flipped shut when we went outside. Poor little Emma was naked and her clothes were wet from being in the pool, and here we were, locked out. This isn't even the traumatic part yet. So we're trying to devise a way to break into the house, when suddenly I almost step on a monster of a snake. He was laying there, looking all black and sinister, and of course I screamed and freaked out and looked like an idiot. Not only that, I just stood there stupidly while my friend walked by the snake to get a chair, then stepped into some dense flower bushes by our garage (which may have been harboring who-knows-what), then hoisted her very limber five-year-old into the garage so she could let us in the house. Tell me, does it seem fair that I, who am probably more scared of snakes than anyone else on this planet, have to live smack dab in the middle of a freaking snake infestation? No, it does not. Stupid snakes.


David said...

Instead of cursing your bad luck at having all these snakes, you should be blessing your good luck and harvest them and open a snake restaurant.

grandma said...

No, it's not fair! Snakes must have been welcome in your yard before you arrived. Remember they eat many bugs and few humans. That blue yarn looks absolutely lovely.

mom said...

Yuck! I hope your friend is willing to return to your house after that trauma!