Saturday, June 24, 2006

Okay I need some advice. We like the living room curtains, but they make our living room - which is already freakishly small - look even smaller. Here is what they look like, and please excuse the bad picture.

We're thinking it might be better if I just cut off everything but the top 1.5 feet or so, and ran that all the way across. That would give us the benefits of probably not shrinking the room, it would hide the blinds when they are up, and Emma wouldn't be able to wipe her grubby fingers on them all day long. BUT, is that too kitchen-y of a look for living room curtains? We're not sure. What do you think?

Picture this, but with the bottom 3/4 of the fabric gone.


Abbie said...

We have valances (shorter curtains) in my house. I like them!

earthchick said...

Oooh! They look so nice - you did a *great* job!

I think if you cut them off to valance length they would be fine. Since you've got blinds anyway and thus don't need the curtains to serve a privacy function, I think using them as more of a window topper would look just great in the living room.

OC Mama said...

I think the valances would look great.

Is the whole room that red color? We are getting ready to paint and I really like that color! LOL

Sarah said...

Steph - two of the walls are that color, and two others are a beige-type color. We love the red, but didn't want the room to look too dark.

Catherine said...

cut em off! do it! then post more pictures!

make pillows with the rest?

mom said...

I guess I'm the only one who thinks they are really pretty the way they are. You did a great job!