Monday, June 26, 2006

So I ended up cutting off the curtains and they look MUCH better. I'm going to use the extra fabric to make pillows (Thanks, Catherine!) as soon as we get a better couch.

Yesterday I deserved some sort of horrible parent award. Emma likes to play in the bathroom sink, which she can reach if she leans over from the tub or the toilet. I'm always worried she's going to slip and fall when she does this, and yesterday when she was playing in there I mentioned it to Steve. He brought in the stool from the garage and put in in front of the sink so Emma could splash and play more safely. After awhile, I noticed that there was no sound coming from the bathroom, so I went back there to investigate. Emma was standing on the stool, which apparently gave her easy access to the medicine cabinet (!), holding a nearly empty bottle of Hyland's Teething Tablets. Her face was smeared with chalky whiteness, she had three of them in her hand, and there were eight on the floor. The bottle originally had 250 tablets, and we hadn't used up very many. All of which led me to believe she'd downed at least a hundred of them. I know they're homeopathic and all, but 100 tablets??? I called poison control, where they assured me she'd be fine. Whew! She was maybe a little irritable the rest of the afternoon, but otherwise seemed okay. How's that for horrible, neglectful parenting? I've been feeling guilty about it all day.


Vegan Knitting said...

Lucky for her that homeopothy relies on minute dilutions! Whew!

I like the new curtains.

Catherine said...

love the valance look.

Audrey did the SAME thing. Brand new bottle. Three on the table when she was done. She said "MORE!"

She was peaceful all day.

Mommy said "MORE!"

People have FAR worse things in their collective medicine cabinets. Count yourself among the lucky.

OC Mama said...

The valance looks great! :-)

David said...

They look nice.

Jen said...

Wow! That sounds scary! Luckily, homeopathic medicine is based on minute dilutions, as vegan knitting mentioned, but most people don't realize HOW minute. In a dose of homeopathic medicine, there's almost no chance that there's even one molecule of the original substance. The whole idea behind homeopathics is that the "essence" of the originial substance has been imbued on the carrier (usually water, but in the pills its often lactose).

Thanks for posting this, though. I'm going to go the upstairs bathroom and make sure that Killy can't reach the medicine cabinet with the footstool he uses to brush his teeth.

Shawn said...

Sarah we just bought a new bottle of tablets and she got into the diaper bag (she can undo zippers now) and she also had a handful the other day...ekk! Wow she slept wonderfully though and her teeth didn't bother her! Thanks for posting this. Glad it wasn't something else.

Love your valance (sigh...I need to make some curtains. Where do you find the time??):)

Pam said...

sarah - don't feel bad. When my hubby was two, he got into his mother's VALIUM!! They kept it stored next to the cookie making supplies (great place, huh?). He also downed a bottle of mint flavoring. He was stumbling around and the mint smell made his parents check the cabinet and notice the empty bottle of valium. he had to be rushed to the hospital and stomach pumped.

I'm pretty confident that if the teething tablets were dangerous they would be in childproof bottles.

HeyJulieMama said...

Will got into my iron tablets one time. IRON! I freaked, grabbed him and ran across the street to my neighbor (a nurse) and when she opened the door, i just shoved him to her and was babbling incoherently. Luckily iron tablets taste awful so we figured out he only chewed off the top part.