Monday, June 12, 2006

The mess and clutter in this house were really getting to me, so today I implemented a new plan. In addition to regular things - picking up toys, laundry, etc. - I am going to have a set area to clean every weekday. Not just moving the junk, but really deep cleaning. Also, I am going to work on that whole "clean as you go" philosophy, at which I have always been an abysmal failure. I am going to make the bed in the morning, which, really, is a complete waste of time, but will probably help me get into a clean house mode. This may seem like pretty basic stuff, but today I actually did the dishes and wiped down the counters after every meal and after various baking activities. Right now, my living room and hall (today's areas) are cleaner than they've ever been probably, and my kitchen is cleaned up and crumb-free. The dishwasher and washing machine are both running, and it feels GREAT! I am very much looking forward to waking up in a clean house tomorrow morning.

Right now Steve is still at work and Emma is in bed. I have a margarita to drink, a sock to knit, and a baseball game to watch. Ahhhh...this is the life. Toodles!


David said...

You sound like I do when I decide to do something unpleasant to improve my life. Hopefully, you will last longer than I usually do. However, your lack of fortitude keeps my expectations low.

Pa said...

It will be nice to visit a clean house. Hopefully your fortitue lasts through the weekend.

Shawn said...

We're working on this too but its a work in progress :)