Monday, June 19, 2006

Our weekend was good. My mom and dad came to visit, which is always wonderful. They brought my composter, which is wonderful as well.

After months of talking about flying kites, Emma finally got her chance this weekend. Steve and I managed to get the kite in the air, and about thirty seconds later, Emma said, "Get it down. Go swing!" So much for that, I guess.

We did go swing, and Steve impressed us all with his jumping skills. Not to be outdone, my dad and I followed up with some pretty remarkable synchronized jumping action. I know you're impressed, right?


David said...

Steve looks like Peter Pan. I'm surprised Emma wasn't satisfied with our wonderful kite flying during the Easter festivities.

mom said...

I feel left out, since I couldn't muster the courage to jump from the swing!

Grandma said...

I admire good jumping form. I thought Steve's was especially good. He looks about ready to take off. Sarah, your toes are nicely pointed and that looks good too. I found the booklet for the composter and it is in the mail as I write.