Thursday, June 08, 2006

The worms are history. I still hadn't separated them from the castings, and was getting more and more reluctant to do so because every time I opened the bin I found more creepy crawlies. There were probably more snails slurping their way around in there than I have ever seen all together the whole rest of my life. The final straw was the trio of flies that flew out when I opened it today. Not being one who is fond of waiting around for maggots, I dumped the whole bin in the barren spot in the garden. After it settles a bit, I'll spread it around to the plants. Good-bye, worms. It was nice knowing you.

Today Emma was eating some delicious Chicken Lo Mein from cooking club when she dropped a spaghetti noodle on her foot. She was so amused by this that she demanded, "Mommy, take a funny picture!"


mom said...

I guess the worms will always be an amusing family memory. I bet they make it into the Christmas letter!
Emma probably thinks all little girls get photographed almost daily.

David said...

That kid is one messy eater. I guess she hasn't mastered the use of napkins yet.

knitsteel said...

Ewww, that sounds yucky, the maggots that is.