Thursday, July 06, 2006

I started sewing the bedroom curtains, but didn't finish because I think the fabric blends too much with the wall. I love the fabric, though, so I have to think of something else to do with it. Sewing curtains doesn't sound like much fun to me right now, anyway, so it looks like our bedroom will be curtainless for awhile longer. I am, however, in skirt-sewing mode. I sewed this one yesterday and today while Emma napped. The fabric is from curtains I found at Goodwill because I didn't want to try it out on good fabric without knowing for sure I could sew in a zipper. Apparently I can, so I'll probably be churning out some more skirts in the near future.

I'm also working on this log cabin blanket, which I'm enjoying. For some reason I get a blister on my pinkie when I knit it for too long, so that slows down the process a bit. I'm not sure how big it's going to be eventually - I guess we'll see how soon I get tired of knitting it.

Tomorrow Ems and I are heading to Table Rock Lake with my family. We'll be back Tuesday. Toodles!


earthchick said...

Oooh, everything is so pretty! Love the curtain fabric and the skirt is so cute - great job! But it's the log cabin blanket that really grabbed my attention. I've become obsessed with knitting my boys each one, so I'll be following your project for sure. I'll be particularly interested in how much yarn you end up using on it (what yarn are you using btw?)

Sarah said...

I'm just using Sugar 'n Cream, because it's so cheap. If I really like how this one turns out, I might spring for something more expensive and do another one. So far, though, I like the S'n C a lot - it's easy to knit with and plenty soft.

David said...

You should make a skirt out of that green fabric you are no longer gonna use on the curtains. If you are still musing about a a good birthday present for me, here is a hint: a homemade skirt is not on the list.

Abbie said...

I like your new skirt. Is that blanket for David's birthday? He keeps yapping about some blanket that he has coming his way.

Vegan Knitting said...

I Dunno - I like the curtain fabric because it almost matches the wall.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed your stories about your little girl.
The curtain material will make room look larger since it blends so well with the paint.
Envy your knitting ability.
I have 4 thumbs when it comes to doing something like that.
I worked at the high school where
Abbie attended school.
You did a good job on the skirt.

mom said...

The skirt is adorable, and I also really like the curtain fabric. You are so talented!
We loved our vacation with you and the sweet little bunny!