Friday, August 11, 2006

Last night I went to bed earlier than Steve. He said Emma woke up in her own bed just as he was coming to bed, so he brought her in with us. Tonight after she fell asleep, I forgot and just layed her in our bed. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Neither Steve or I had gotten a ticket in a couple years, until last weekend when he got a speeding ticket. And now today I got a ticket! Bah. I realize a law is a law, but really, shouldn't that cop have more important things to worry about than little old me driving around without a front license plate?

I sewed another bag/purse. I made the straps longer on this one, and added pockets on the inside to help me organize my cell phone, keys, etc. There is no time for knitting these days because I can usually only knit after Emma is in bed, and lately I am too tired to stay up much after that. :(


Abbie said...

Ha! I left the first comment on this post. David loses. Your bag is pretty.

david said...

Abbie is a dork.

Vegan Knitting said...

Very sweet bag.

We got a ticket...or let me rephrase that - my husband got a ticket for the same thing. It was such a headache. Apparently, our car has some specially aligned holes that mean you can only buy a front plate holder from the dealership itself. Which is NOWHERE near our house. The original one we had cracked and fell off. Oy! Finally, weeks later, we got one and resolved the ticket with just the $10 fix it cost.