Thursday, August 10, 2006

Right now Emma is sleeping in her own bed. It will be the first night in Emma's life, around 900 nights, that she hasn't been in bed with us. I know it will feel weird without her, and I also know she will wake up in a few hours and probably flip out. I'm interested to see how long she actually stays in there. As I walked by her room a few minutes ago, she looked so tiny sleeping in that room all by herself. Hmmm...maybe it will be ME waking up in a panic and running in to get her!

I cannot stop eating. Today I ate and ate and was still hungry. Tonight I went to Olive Garden for Mom's Night Out, and even though I had two breadsticks and a bowl of soup, I ate my entire huge plate of pasta. Everyone else was asking for to-go boxes, but not me - I couldn't shovel in my food fast enough! When I was pregnant with Emma I was so sick during my first trimester that I ended up losing fourteen pounds; this time I am standing to gain the same fourteen.

Here is a picture of Emma, just because she's cute!

And here is a picture of my brother Peter, just because he's freakishly weird. This kid is never not sweating. Seriously, is there anyone else in the world who sweats this profusely? Enlarge the picture to see the true extent of the sweatiness.


pete said...

I don't think it is possible to sweat more than your brother, but even through the nastiness he is one good looking fella.

Katie said...

what a cute picture of emma! was that taken at the city museum?

glad to hear you're feeling better, or at least have an appetite. :) we should get together for dinner soon!


Shawn said...

Wow Sara I bet that is a wierd feeling not having Ems with you. How is it going?? Were working on this but she wakes up SCREAMING and crying if she is in her room. I'm really ready but I dont think she is. Let's get together soon! Maybe we can meet at D.R. :)

Catherine said...

if you take the sweat out of the picture they look frighteningly similar. i'd vote for emma over peter in a beauty contest, but you know what i'm saying.

eat, momma, eat. but i could still eat you under the table anytime!

and again i'll add you have the longest word verification for comments that i have EVER seen:)

mom said...

Sarah, Peter pointed out that if you enlarge his picture he looks much, much sweatier! You should see and smell him when he returns from football practice!

Abbie said...

Dude, I totally missed this post. I was just scrolling up and down your blog, showing Emma's cute pictures to my roommate, and I found it. This is so weird!