Thursday, September 14, 2006

I have a decision to make. I really want to (and my midwife wants me to) see a chiropractor for the rest of my pregnancy to cut down on back problems, etc., but mostly to help my chances of having a successful VBAC. I've found a wonderful one and have seen her twice this week for an evaluation, and then to hear the plan she's laid out for my care. The problem is that our insurance, which is usually pretty stellar, is ending up being pretty useless in this case, and it's still going to cost us $600. I've never seen a chiro before, but I've heard so many wonderful things from other people. And I really, really want a VBAC and this will apparently help my chances. So what to do? I'm supposed to let her know by tomorrow, and I'm leaning towards going ahead with it. Still, $600 would buy a lot of yarn, or fabric, or slings, or anything else I like to buy.

My dogs are so weird. They will eat anything and everything they can get into their little chops. Yesterday Emma and I dyed pasta with food coloring, then glued it on construction paper. We went out to dinner last night and left our artwork on the table. When we got home, we discovered that the dogs apparently couldn't resist eating the colored, glue-caked, dry pasta. This picture used to be a (somewhat creepy) face, but thanks to those little scavengers, is no more.

Oh, man. I was just sitting here feeling hungry and icky, but not wanting to eat anything that I know we have in the kitchen. I went to get the mail and discovered a package from my mom, dad, and little brother. It's filled with pictures and candy and, best of all, homemade chocolate chip cookies. My family is the coolest-and they have impeccable timing!


mom said...

What a family you have! I hope some people write of their experiences with chiropractors while they were pregnant since I never heard of it before.

Deanna said...

I will never go through another pregnancy without a chiropractor. Regardless of expense :-)

BUT, that said, I do have issues with my back and pelvis, so you should explore the cost-benefit ratio considering your own situation. I saw one towards the end of my pg with #3, and through much of the last half of my pg with #4. If I were to get pg with #5 (not likely due to a little outpatient procedure my husband had), I would see a chiropractor as soon as the test came back positive :-)

Abbie said...

I think you should go with the chiropractor treatment.

julie persons said...

oooh, hope you go for the chiro, I think it is worth it!!!
my dog will eat ANYthing.

Jenn said...

I used a chiro last preg. and I will this time as well. For insurance reasons I'm going to hold off as long as I can, but I'm going to use him if I need him.

Good luck!