Tuesday, October 03, 2006

As anyone who has ever been to my house knows, my dogs are extremely friendly - friendly to the point of being annoying whenever anyone new comes over. They really like to meet people up close and sit on laps and they pretty much have no concept of personal space. I am always embarassed when people come over, especially our Parents as Teachers lady, because she sits on the floor and the dogs just cannot hold themselves back. Last month when the PAT mailing came out, there was a paragraph specifically devoted to asking people to restrain their pets for the visits, as they can be distracting to the children, parents, and educators. Now I'm really embarassed, because I'm sure they were talking about us. We have a PAT appointment this afternoon at 3:00, and I decided to be smart and take the dogs to the groomer today so they'll conveniently miss PAT. They don't really need haircuts yet, but there's nothing else I can do with them because they'll freak out if they're locked up anywhere. Unfortunately, my clever plan was foiled when the groomer told me she was closing today at 3:00. Now I have to go get them, and they're still going to be here for PAT. I hope we don't get fired as PAT customers.

And if you promise not to look at the trash can overflowing onto the floor, here is a picture of me at 13 weeks.


studly d said...

You should maybe get new pets that aren't so overwhelming, like snakes. They are very docile and charming.

Katie said...

Aww! You look adorable!!

Sorry about the dogs. Mine are the same way. Except they are big! LOL