Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Emma loves to dance and loves frilly, girly things, so yesterday I bought her a little dance leotard at the thrift store. She LOVES it and hasn't taken it off or stopped dancing since we brought it home. She is a dancing fool. Steve and I think she would love to take a dance class of some sort, but I'm not sure they have those for two year olds. I'm going to look into it.

I am feeling whiny today. I've been feeling lots better, but still throwing up once or twice every day. Yesterday, however, was pretty bad, and so far today has been bad too. I can't stop puking. I am SO tired of this! I had to cancel my chiro appointment this afternoon because I don't even feel up to taking a shower, let alone leaving the house. Ugh. When is this going to stop????

Edited to add: I just talked to Steve and not only is he going to come home early, he is going to stop off at the store and bring me some vanilla ice cream and root beer! I've been craving a root beer float for weeks now, but have held off because I don't want to be eating that crap. Today, though, I don't care and I just want to eat something that will stay down. Yay for sweet husbands!


Abbie said...

If I were a dance teacher, I would certainly let someone as cute as Emma in my class. I think my cousin started Irish dancing at three or four, so maybe there are classes that let two-year-olds enroll. Hopefully she will have more skill than a certain Uncle of hers that I know. Hahahaha.

David said...

You shouldn't be so mean to Peter like that. Especially just after he's getting his confidence up after his pity appointment to the role of Joseph.

Anonymous said...

Emma is so cute looks like a little pixie. She has good form for one so little I'll bet she could take dance now.
You are such a good mother to do so many things with your little one. Hope you are feeling better.

Katie said...

Emma is adorable!! She is gonna be such a good big sister!

Deanna said...

What a cute pic! Meredith was two when she decided to be a dancer. She wore a leotard CONSTANTLY, and now she is five, and you will still find her mostly wearing a leotard. She wore her first one, at the age of two, until it literally fell apart. She started dance classes at 4, but they have classes starting at 2-3...our current dance school has 2yo classes, but a parent has to be there too.

Sorry you are feeling so pukey, but YAY for having such a great hubby! I hope the roatbeer float lived up to its expectations!